This is a general F.A.Q. We will add more technical content with time. You can submit a question to [email protected] or you can submit a question and answer to help evolve this into a very robust and dynamic F.A.Q.

Q. Why a Recumbent?

A. Performance and Comfort; less frontal area makes them more aerodynamic. Recumbent riders generally experience no neck, shoulder or back pain. Your weight is distributed throughout your back and seat where conventional bikes have a lot of pressure on your hands, arms, shoulders, back, rear end and prostate.

Q. Why a Recumbent Tricycle?

Safety, Performance and they are Fun; anyone can ride a Catrike. There are no balance issues, they are lightweight, low to the ground and have a small frontal area so they are aerodynamic and very efficient. It is a different cycling experience; Catrikes have a go-cart feel and can be very fast.

Q. If I have an issue, what options do I have?

A. First check with your Catrike Dealer or your local bike shop to help with any issue you may have. If you need to contact Big Cat you can by sending an email to [email protected], calling direct 1.407.905.0626, or you can use Skype to contact us either by calling or instant messages. When you visit our site,, there is a Skype call button you can use to call or search for catrike1 as a contact.

Q. Where can I find a manual for the trike?

A. You can visit our website at, scroll over manual on our top bar menu, go to current and click trike manual.

Q. I am interested in a Catrike, how can I purchase and or get a test ride?

A. All of our trikes are sold exclusively through our dealers. To find out if there is a dealer near you, visit and click on the dealer link on the top menu bar to see all our dealers. Many of our dealers have trikes available for test rides.

Q. I would like to purchase only the frame, can you do that?

A. We offer a Rolling Chassis on 700, Expedition, Speed, and Road models; it contains everything except your drive train and your brake system.

Q. I would like to put a different size wheel on my trike, any suggestions?

A. We do not recommend changing the wheel size on Catrikes. They are designed to use the wheel size that is specified. Changing wheel size can greatly affect the handling characteristics of your Catrike (i.e. break steer, over or under steering and weight distribution).

Q. What is the best way to transport a Catrike?

A. There are various trike hitch racks in the market. We recommend visiting and to view various options on racks for transporting a Catrike. Another option would be to use a triple rail roof rack. The Catrike also fits easily in hatchback cars, station wagons or mini vans with a folding seat. All you have to do is roll it in backwards so that the rear wheel will fit between the front seats of the car. In some cases you will find easier to keep the cranks between the seats.

Q. I'm looking for the serial number, where can I find it?

A. The serial number is located on the bottom of the main frame of your Catrike.

Q. Is a rear rack or any other cargo equipment or accessories available?

A. Yes, we offer the Axiom Odyssée Rear Rack with a load capacity of 70kg/154 lbs. and the Arkel/Catrike storage bags fit in the rear triangle of your Catrike and are great for carrying your stuff (no rack required).