I said I was going to put up some photos from the Christmas parade in my community. Here is link to my blog where I have photos of the pre-staging prep a few of us HPVOoOer's did. Blog links to the photos and a few comments. I did have a few teething problems which makes me glad I have not yet installed the fairing. The boom slipped twisted to the left side shortly after leaving my house. I twisted to left to correct it, did not stop riding as I was leading the group to staging area. I then twisted back to the right and pedaled a few blocks leaning to the right, got fed up and tried to straighten it again. So I pedaled the rest of the way leaning to the left with the crank arm hitting my foot every revolution. :-) At the staging area I fixed it and all is fine now! Seven of us in parade sandwiched between two massive floats, we asked the rear driver to give us a couple of truck lengths and he did. We bobed and weaved all down the parade route. It was so much fun high fiving it with kids at their height in the Catrike.